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Tehran Province

Iran: Tehran Province

Tehran Province is located in the North-central Iran. It is surrounded by Guilan and Mazandaran provinces from North, Semnan from East, Qazvin by West and Qom and Markazi from South. Alborz mountains lies to the North of Tehran.

highlands in North are often cold in winter and mild in summer. Plains have semi-deserted climate. South-eastern region, where Qom Lake lies, is desert.

Alborz range, lying in the North of the province, includes the highest (volcanic) peak in Iran, called "Damavand" (5671 m). Damavand region contains number of monuments and hot springs. Other peaks are Kahar, Siah-sang, Koloun-basteh, Khar-sang, Tochal and Palan-Gardan.

There are spectacular caves containing stalactites and stalagmites; Roud-afshan in Damavand district, Halidar in Firouz-kouh and Yakh-morad on Chalous road are among them.

Largest rivers of the province are Jajroud and Karaj, across which two dams have been built; others are Hableh, Damavand and Lar.

The vast majority of people are Muslim, but people with all of the other religions live here. Persian is the language predominantly spoken. Because of special economy condition, great current of immigration from villages and cities always run to Tehran, especially city of Tehran, the capital, among which number of Turk people are considerable.

Shar-Rey and Varamin are ancient cities and contain many monuments. Tehran, capital, is Iran's center of economical, political, cultural and social activities. Mehr-abad Airport and railway system link Tehran with many points of Iran and abroad. This province has great role in agriculture and industry of the country.

Jajim, inlaid, cloth, tiles, ceramic and pottery are of its crafts.

In addition to Tehran, capital, other cities are Islam-shar, Firouz-kouh, Damavand, Karaj, Shahr-Rey, Savojbolaq, Shemiranat, Shahriar, Pakdasht, Robat-Karim and Varamin. Tehran is both the national and provincial capital.




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