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Tehran City

Iran, Tehran Province: City of Tehran, the Capital of Iran

Tehran, covers 1500 Sq. km area, is located in North-central part of Iran, on the slope of Alborz mountain. It is about 1200 m above seal level with mild climate. It is the most populated city in Iran and the center of cultural, economical, political and social activities.

Tehran was a village with numerous gardens in the past. Its importance began to increase in Safavid era (1501-1736). Shah Tahmasb, 1524-1576, was fascinated by the climate of Tehran; so many buildings as caravansaries were built there. It is said that he has built more than 100 towers around the city.

In Qajar era, in the reign of Aqa Mohammad Khan, the founder of Qajar dynasty, Tehran became the capital. Really, it was the time of growing the city. Twelve gates and a ditch was dug around the city, to repel attacks on it. Large square, now called "Tupkhaneh", with buildings around it were built... and yet is growing as the capital with huge population...




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