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Khuzistan Province

Khuzistan Province

Khuzistan Province is located in South-west of Iran, with 64,236 Sq. km area. It is surrounded by Lorestan from North, chahar Mahal Bakhtiari and Kohkilouyeh from East, Persian Gulf from South and Iraq from West.

It consists of mountainous regions in North and East and plateau in South. The climate is dry and semi-dry. Major rivers are Caroun, Karkheh, Dez, Maroun and Arvand. Plant life of the province includes Konar (Jerusalem thorn), oak, almond and palm trees.

Khuzistan has been the home of men from Paleolithic period. Elamite civilization coincided roughly in area with this province.

Ethnic groups are Arab, Kurd, Lor and Turk. Persian and Arabic are prominent languages spoken with local accents.

Agricultural products are rich in variety as wheat, barely, cotton, sugar beet, sugarcane melon and vegetable. Dez, Caroun and Karkheh dams provide water. Animal husbandry, particularly sheep, goat and buffalo and also fishing are of high importance.

Khuzistan is also industrial center, light and heavy, including refineries, petroleum, rolling mill, ironworks, cement, sugar and paper mills. Lime, chalk, phosphate and sulphur mines are of high significance.

Khuzistan's center is Ahwaz; other cities are Abadan, Andimeshk, Baq-malek, Behbahan, Dezfoul, Dasht Azadegan, Izeh, Khoram-shahr, Mah-shahr, Masjed Soleiman, Ramhormoz, Shadegan, Shoush (Susa) and Shoushtar.

Bed sheets, men's loose sleeveless cloaks (Aba), prayer rug, jajim, light cotton summer shoe (giveh), gold ware, silverware and earthenware are of its crafts.

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