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Khuzistan Province

It is located 115 km South-west of Ahwaz on Arvand river. This economical center is rich in mineral resources, with a refinery.

Ahwaz (center of the province)
Ahwaz city dates back to the 2nd millennium BC. Remains of a bridge and catacombs in Eastern part of Ahwaz are of its ancient monuments. Caroun, the largest and the only navigable river in Iran flows through the city. This hot city has mild climate in winter. Its bazaar, banks of Caroun and palm groves are visible.

It is situated in the East of Khuzistan. In the early 14th century, a city called "Arajan", which had been built in Sassanid monarch near present Behbahan, was ruined and people moved into Behbahan. The ancient part of Arajan is located 12 km North-east of Behbahan on Maroun river. A mausoleum, in which there is bronze coffin, golden ring called "the ring of power" and bronze cup, belong to Elamite period are found in Arajan.

It is located in the North of Khuzistan, 150 km from Ahwaz. The earliest evidence of man, found on Choqa Mish hill, 40 km South-east of Dezfoul, belongs to 6th millennium BC. This city was built in Sassanid period. Karkheh Palace, 18 km South-west of Dezfoul, and remains of a bridge across Dez river belong to Sassanid monarch.

This leading port, at the confluence of Caroun, Tigris and Euphrates, links with Trans-Iranian Railway. It is located 128 km via land and 168 km via Caroun river from Ahwaz. Its weather is mild in winter and muggy in summer.

Mah-shahr Port
It is the second greatest port in Iran, which is used for the export of oil and gas.

Masjed Soleiman
This Easternmost town of Khuzistan was the first capital of Achaemenid monarch. Among its ancient monuments, "Solomon Soffe" and stony monument called "Bard Neshandeh", 25 km North-east of the town, date back to Achaemenid period.

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