Asia, Middle East: Iran

Izeh City

Khuzistan Province

This historical city dates back to Elamite civilization and is located in North-east of province. "Eshkaft Salman", "Koul Farah" and "Shami village" are among it ancient monuments.

Eshkaft Salman is situated 3 km South-west of Izeh and contains 4 relieves that date back to 7th and 8th centuries BC and belong to Elamite civilization. These relieves represent the ritual of the people of that era. There are also epigraphs written in cuneiform characters.

Koul Farah is located in South of Izeh. In this place, there are 6 scenes, carved on rocks, representing the ritual of offering to gods and general audiences with King. Some of the relieves include epigraphs written in cuneiform characters and date back to Elamite civilization.

Shami Village is situated 9 km North of Izeh and contains relics of ancient buildings. A life-size bronze statue of Parthian commander is found here (now in Iran Bastan Museum).

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