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In the past, Tous was the name of a vast area of around 60,000 sq. km, located in the middle of two mountain ranges, Binaloud in South and Hezar-Masjed in North. This area contained 4 cities: Taberan, Noqan, Radkan and Torqbaz. 

The place, nowadays known as Tous, is old Taberan, which in 9th century AD was the biggest city in Tous area and has been able to bring up a personage such as "Hakim Abolqasem Ferdowsi".

Archeological finds indicate that Taberan was founded in early centuries after Islam. Taberan was of great importance in 9-10th century AD, contained excellent buildings and villas. According to Qazali's letter to Sultan Sanjar, in 9th century AD, people of Tous were not so well off and calm.

In the early 10th century, Taberan was seriously damaged by "Qoz" and was razed to the ground by "Mongol" around half a century later. Many years later, it was reconstructed by "Kerloz", Mongol puppet, and after him "Amir Arqoun Jani Qorbani", governer of Khorasan, continued further development. In early 13th century AD, when referred to as Tous, it became the minting center.

In 1371 AD, Timur's Army, under the command of his son, Miran Shah, conquered and destroyed Tous and beheaded 10,000 of Taberan's residences, built minarets from their heads on the city gates.

After Timu's death in 1387 AD, his son, Shahrokh, ordered the renovation of Tous. Shahrokh's sons, Oloq Beig Mirza and Baisonqor Mirza, attempt a revival of Tous. Because of the fatal blows and severe damages, Tous could not regain its previous importance and its people gradually migrated to other cities, especially Meshed.

What now remains from Tous (Old Taberan) are:
Tous Wall
Tous Arq
Qazali's Tomb
and Tomb of Ferdowsi, which is related to modern times, but is the main aim and excuse of travelers to Tous.




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