Asia: Iran, Khorasan Province

Tous: Sang-Bast Complex


Sang-Bast Complex
It is located about 40 km South of Meshed. It had been considered as an important site and had been built some recreational installations in, since being the junction of Neishabour main road to Marv, Qohestan and Herat to Tous (and Meshed) in the old times.

Among the historical buildings and works, built in Sang-Bast, are:
Tomb of Arsalan Jazeb
Minerat next to it
Sang-Bast Inn (Robat of Sang-Bast)

Tomb of Arsalan Jazeb, Chief Commander of Tous in Sultan Mahmoud Qaznavi period, is a relatively small brick-made building with a four0terraced square plan and a vault created on its square base.




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