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Tous: Pazh Village


Pazh Village

Pazh is the birth place of Ferdowsi. It is a village located 12 km East of the present Tous and 15 km North of Meshed.

This village, which is the center of Tabadkan District, is built on a plain and has an area of about 800 hectares. Its climate is warm in summer and cold in winter. According to 1993 Census, its population is 1000 that are mainly farmer and labor.

Ancient houses of Pazh were made of clay and sun-dried brick, which were mainly nuilt on a hill and hill sides. With the destruction and renovation of houses, the height of the hill has in the course of time increased.

Now, that hill is in the middle of the village of Pazh and new houses have been constructed around it.

Following later archeological investigations, about 700 m North-west of present Pazh, another vast archeological area has been observed. In this new site, as well as indicating condensed and basic architectural remains, some potter, belonged to the early Islamic years, have been found.




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