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Tous: Nader's Kalat


Nader's Kalat
It is located in the middle of a natural and elliptical fortress surrounded by "Hezar Masjed Mountains". Fortress, 36x12 km, has always been of massive military importance in history, due to its location.

Due to Iranian Mythology, inside the fortress was the gate between "Iran-zamin" and "Touran-zamin". There exists irrigation installation and many historical sites and effects:
Nader Dam
Water tanks of Khesht Village
Remains of the residence of Nader Shah in Khesht Village
Froud Castle
Remains of Naderian Military Camps in East of Kalat and Gero Village
Fencing across the mountains
Military installations in gates, such as towers, trenches, cornices
In addition, there are 2 principal effects in Kalat, which are in better condition than the others called "Sun Palace" (kakh Khorshid) and "Blue Dome Mosque" (Masjed Gonbad Kaboud).

The building, recently wrongly named "Sun Palace", is a brick tomb with stone covering (25 m height), built in 1740 AD, around the time of killing of Nader Shah. Its facade work was left unfinished. The site consists of the grave, cellar and a cylindrical groove tower upon the tomb. Main area of the grave is founded on an octagonal platform of 34 m diameter and a terrace is constructed on each side.

External facade is decorated with stones and images of vases, flowers, leaves and fruits in 3D form and have been painted in non-native style; probably, it is the work of Indian artists. These paintings are left unfinished, because of the unclear state of affairs after the death of Nader.

Internal area is decorated with attractive paintings on plaster and a cornice on the dome, in gold, with a verse of Quran and its date, 1740.




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