Asia: Iran, Khorasan Province

Tous: Harounieh


The only remaining effect from the ancient Tous, is a brick building known as "Harounieh", which has been repaired.

It was called "Haroun's Prison" by ordinary people. In writing and diaries, it has been called "mosque of Tous" or "Tomb and Mausoleum of Qazali". But, "Harounieh" is a tomb or mausoleum, built adjacent to another religious building, during 13-14th century AD, on the top of the remains of ancient structures consisting of a vast dome shaped square of height 25 m, and 12x12 sq. m area, with 3 inter-connected booths in the end of the building.

The middle booth contains an altar and plaster decorations on its ceiling. Building's decorations are restricted to vertical frames on the entrance terrace columns, small terraces stalactites, suspensions underneath the dome and plaster-work underneath the chamber domes.

Double covered high dome and latticed side doorways are elements that give the hypothesis of a tomb, some reality.




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