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Tous: Chelaqad Chartaqi


Chelaqad Chartaqi
Chelaqad (or Chelaqi) village is located 20 km South-east of Meshed, in a short distance from the main Meshed-Sarakhs road, on the North side. About 2 km from the village exists an attractive building called "Chelaqad Chartaqi".

This building is located on a square pillion and is made up of stone and brick. It contains 4 doorways on 4 sides, where the main entrance is made from the end of a terrace on the West side.

Dimensions of the building are 9.36x9.10 sq. m. On the surface of the square, which is divided to half, to 8 and 16 and eventually a circle by the angles, a two layers dome is constructed.

In the top of each doorway is a window, which provided the light of the building. The external view, with attention to the arrangement of doorways, is decorative, while internally the walls are just plastered and have no decorations or cornices.

Chelaqad Chartaqi is a tomb, constructed on the top of small burial cellar and is comparable to "Geisour" construction in Gonabad. Considering architectural style of the building, it seems that the foundations of the building were set in the end of Timurid or the beginning of Safavid era.

The building, in the past, has seem damages in its foundation and wall shoulders; later, it has been repaired.




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