Asia: Iran, Khorasan Province

Tous: Bazeh-Hour Structure


Bazeh-Hour Structure
80 km South of Meshed, in the South of Robat-Sefid Village, on the old Meshed-Torbat road, exists a stone structure, which because of its location in the mouth of a strait called "Bazeh-Hour" (Sun Valley), known as "Bazeh-Hour".

The construction, placed on a platform, is remains of an architectural complex belonged to Sassanid era. At present, this construction has 3 entrances and one high dome.  It was connected to another building from East side. On its Northern and Southern sides, connections such as terraces or corridors existed.

Architectural effects can be observed for a long distance, which overall tell the expansion of that complex. This construction is the nucleus of an architectural complex.

Its value is for its architectural style and the foundation of the dome with circular surface over a square; for facilitation, pendants hanging on the angles are of great importance.




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