Countries: Asia/Iran, Khorasan Province

Neishabour Museum

Neishabour City

Address: Neishabour Caravansary, Khayam Sq., Imam Ave., Neishabour, Iran
Complex Phone: +98-551-22039
Museum Phone:  +98-551-40907

Neishabour museum is located in Eastern side of Neishabour Caravansary.

It consists of three sections: archeology section, anthropology section, and special section. In archaeology section, the historical objects such as coins belonging to the periods prior to Islam up to Timurid, different types of potteries belonging to historic and Islamic eras, metal and glassware and stone objects are exhibited. In anthropology section, some aspects of the routine lives of people of the region and objects dealing with such lives are under display.

The special part is devoted to display objects such as statues belonging to historic and prehistoric eras, ancient Neishabour city model in Timurid period, the makeshift cylindrical monument of the charter of Freedom declared by Cyrus Achamenid in cuneiform transcripts, a number of historic gravestones, a collection of medallions and certificates belonging to late Pahlavan (champion) Yaqub Ali Shourvarzi, some historic xylographic wooden shrines, and several handwritten documents and certificates.




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