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Iranian Poet

Omar Khayam (1050-1123)
Omar Khayam was an Iranian Poet, astronomer, algebraist and atheist philosopher, who compiled astronomical tables and first Arabic Algebra.

There are about 250 poems attributed to him, but about 100's are belonged to him, epigrammatic in style, counseling a temperate hedonism as antidote to the cruelties of fate.

He is most widely known among Persian poets through Edward Firzgerald's translation of "Robaiat" (Quatrains).

Tomb of Khayam
Tomb of Khayam, celebrated poet, mathematician, and astronomer of Iran (12th century AD), is located in Hireh cemetery, near the tomb of Imamzadeh Mahrouq.

Its Structure was devastated in different periods.
A handsome monument was built on it in the Pahlavi period.

In 1959 a new tomb was built (Design: Houshang Seihoun and constructed by K.Zh.T. Co.) in Khayam Square at the order of the National Monuments Society. Khayam's dead body was transferred to the present-day tomb in 19 May 1962.




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