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Ancient city of Neishabour

A City of Khorasan Province

Covering an area of about 2000 hectares, remains of the ancient city of Neishabour is located on the South-eastern boundary of the present-day Neishabour. The area enjoys, ancient hills of Kohandezh, Alb-Arsalan, Sabz-poushan, Shadiakh, Tappeh Madraseh, Bazaar, Qanat Tappeh and Takestan.

In 1935, for the first time, some scientific archaeological excavations were conducted by an American expedition led by Charles and Wilkinson on behalf of the Metropoliten Museum, due to which some superb objects were discovered in hills of Tappeh Sabz-poushan, Tappeh Madraseh, Qanat Tappeh and Tappeh Takestan.

In 1966, Richard Bullitt carried out a comprehensive research to renovate the ancient city. In 1968, Seifollah Kambakhsh Fard excavated one part of the ancient city. In 1988, the fourth research was carried out by an expedition led by Seyed Mahmoud Mousavi, due to which some architectural remains, dating back the Saljuq period, were discovered.

From the late 1999, an expedition led by Rajab Ali Labbaf Khaniki has been excavating the area of Shadiakh.




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