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Kerman: Cities

Bam, city of great antiquity, is located 200 km Southeast of Kerman. It dates back 2000 years ago and was situated on the "Silk Route". Dates, citrus fruits and henna are the most important crops cultivated in Bam.
The ruins of the ancient city of Bam, called "Arq Bam", is on a hill in the vicinity of the city and covers an area of 6 Sq. km. It is the greatest mud-brick construction in the world. It is surrounded by lofty walls, towers and moat. Arq Bam includes a great number of houses encircling the seat of the ruler, which stands in the center.

The ancient city of Jiroft is 200 km South of Kerman city and has tropical climate. This agricultural city is watered by Hali Roud River. "Tomb of Akhund" in Kuhbanan is an ancient monument in this city.

Mahan is situated 42 km Northeast of Kerman city. It is founded in Sassanian Monarch era. Mahan is located on the slope of the mountains of Jupar and has pleasant mild climate. Spectacular natural sights and "Mausoleum of Shah Nematol-lah Vali", Iranian mystic poet, make it point of interest. The huge dome and lofty minarets, covered with considerably impressive tile-mosaic, afford pleasing sight to the building. "Garden of Shazdeh" is another intersting place in Mahan.

Rafsanjan, 127 km West of Kerman, has semi-deserted climate. Agriculture is the main economic activity and cultivating pistachios is of the greatest significance. The city is surrounded by pistachio gardens. "Sarcheshmeh', a region near the city, is the center of Iran's copper production.

Shahr Babak
It is founded in Ardeshir I Sassanid, 250 km West of Kerman. It has semi-deserted climate. Namak Lake (South of the city), Edifice of Vali, Azar Baq Fire-temple, Meimand Village, with stone buildings and great architecture, are interesting places in Shahr Babak.

It is situated 170 km Southwest of Kerman and has cold winters and mild summers. Sirjan dates back to Sassanian period. "Qaleh Sang" (stone castle), Firouz Fire-temple, Imam-zadeh Ahmad, Imam-zadeh Ali and Zobeir are of its monuments.





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