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City of Isfahan

Isfahan Province

Isfahan stands 1570 m above the sea level and about 400 km South of Tehran. It dates back to 2500 years ago and has been the capital of Iran in three historical periods and its golden age was in Safavid era (1501-1736).

This world-famous historical city, with various and beautiful crafts, enjoys ancient monuments with magnificent architecture and tile-works; some of them are:

Aali-Qapou Palace
This building was built in Safavid era and is located To the West of Naqsh-Jahan Square. It was used for the reception of ambassadors and envoys from other countries. Aali-Qapou is six-storied building with numerous chambers. Its plasterwork and paintings are extremely impressive.

Chahar Baq School
It was built during the rule of Shah Sultan Hussein for theology students. Its beautiful dome is architectural triumph. (Chahar means 4 and Baq means garden.)

Chehel-Sotoun Palace
It is another building that dating back to Safavid era and was built amidst vast garden, covering 67,000 Sq. m. The building has a big veranda with 18 pillars and large pool in front of it, which reflects the picture of all the pillars, and this the reason of the name of the building (chehel means 40).Wall paintings in the interior of the building are superlative in their kind.

Imam Mosque (Shah Mosque)
It was built in the reign of Shah Abbas Safavid and is situated to the South of Naqsh-Jahan Square. Its architecture, specially its tile work, is amazingly superb. Its minarets are 48 m high.

Imam Square (Naqsh-Jahan Square)
It was built and developed during the reign of Shah Abbas Safavid (1588-1629). Sheikh Lotf-o-llah Mosque, bazaar and Aali-Qapou are built around it. This square was used as the field of horse games.

Si-o-Se Pol (Bridge 33)
This bridge has 33 arches, through which Zayandeh-roud river passes. It was built in the reign of Shah Abbas with unique architecture and construction.

Vank Church
It is the most famous church in Iran, which was built in the reign of Shah Abbas. It contains numerous paintings with religious theme.

Congregational Mosque
Hasht-Behesht Palace (hasht means 8 and Behesht meand paradise, so it means the palace of eight paradises)
Khajou Bridge
Mausoleum of Khajeh Nizam-ol-Molk
Monar Jonban (moving minaret)





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