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Cities of Isfahan Province

Isfahan Province

Abyaneh is located on North-western slope of Karkas Mount, 28 km from Natanz, and has mild climate. The costumes and traditions of the people as well as its architecture afford good picture of ancient Iran.

It lies in the margin of the central desert of Iran, 180 km North-east of Isfahan city. Ardestan dates back to Parthian period and contains famous ancient monuments, as mosques.

It is located North-west of Isfahan and has dry and warm climate in summer and cold in winter. Its woodwork is well-known. Its congregational mosque, with splendid minaret, belongs to Seljuk period.

Kashan is situated in the margin of central desert of Iran and has many historical monuments. Vestiges, found on Sialk Hills, indicate that this area was home of prehistoric man. Fin Garden, Mosque and School of Aqa Bozorg, Mashad Ardehal, Boroujerdi House, Tabatabai House, Abbasian House... are among of its interesting places.

Khansar, dates back to circa 1000 years ago, is situated in green valley. Golestan Kouh, Sar Cheshmeh Park, Congregational Mosque Baba Pir and Shazdeh Ahmad are among its interesting places.

It is located 3 km North-west of Isfahan and dates back to Sassanian monarch. Kouh Atashgah and Congregational Mosque are among its monuments.

It includes 3 industrial zones in its district: Zarrin-shahr, Foulad-shahr and Mobarakeh, in which there are industries as steelworks, ironworks and cementworks.

It is located in the East of Isfahan province. Congregational Mosque, Mohammadieh Mosque, Alavian Mosque and Baba Abdollah Mosque are of its most important historical monuments. Carpet weaving of this region has high quality and well-know in Iran and abroad.

It is situated in plain to the West of Isfahan and has temperate climate. carpet weaving is the main craft of this region.


It is situated in mountainous region, 165 km South of Isfahan, with cold climate. Waterfall of Semirom, Takht Soleiman and Padena village are among its interesting places.

Shahreza, 80 km South of Isfahan, is of great antiquity. Its ceramics is of high importance, producing articles of best quality. Imam-zadeh Shahreza and bazaar are among the sights of this town.





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