Kish Island

Middle East: Iran

Kish Island: Iranian Free Market
Area: 90 Sq. km
18 km South of Iran's Southern coast; 300 km away from Bandar Abbas

By combining the natural colors of the waters of Persian Gulf, land and natural itself, island's geographic location has given it special attraction.

Kish is almost elliptical with East-west length of 15 km, and 7 km width running North-south. Its highest point is the Eastern part, which rises about 45 m above the sea level. Island's relative height is 32 m.

Kish Island has beautiful beaches and calm water. North-western, Western and Southern shores are rocky, washed by waves that brought by the sea wind in those parts.

Kish is potentially filled with attractions of different kinds. The untouched nature, vegetation, hills, markets, Shopping Festivals, restaurants, hotels and recreations are all attractive.

Traditional Water Reservoirs
Drinking water resources are limited in Kish Island. Since very old, native residents have utilized various methods to supply drinking water, some still evident across the island.

Greek Ship
It's said that long time ago, a Greek cargo vessel reached this portion of the sea for unknown reasons, but stranded for ever.

Donya Road
It is, in fact, the belt road embracing the island. Donya Road is indeed an illustration of the links among various Iranian cultures with those of the world.

Aquarium, Life at Sea
Aquatic life in Persian Gulf is versatile. In every corner of the coast, tourists have access to wide variety of fish species and other aquatics. Aquarium premises in Eastern section of the island, close to Kish hotel, is magnificent architectural combination, where wide variety of fish and aquatic species are being displayed.

Hengam Park
Hengam is the largest park in Kish. It is located right in front of Pardis Shopping Center (Bazaar).

Ahovan Park (Ahovan means gazelles)
Ahovan constitutes another vegetated spot in the island. A variety of animals are kept inside fences in this park. Lions, deer, monkeys, spas, gazelles, foxes, jackals and variety of bird species, including parrots, golden eagle and peacocks, are also kept in the park.

Daneshvaran Park
In order to commemorate contemporary Iranian scientists and prominent figures, Daneshvaran Park has been established in Kish, where the statues of a number of such personages have been erected.

Other attractions of Kish Island are:
Harireh Historical City
Qanat Payab
Sun House
recreation center port
Jungle region
Green Tree Recreation Center
three mosques
Provinces & Cities
Shopping Center

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