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Hamadan Province: Cities

Iran, Hamadan Province: Cities

It is locate in the West of the province, with cold climate and numerous springs. Seyed Jamaleddin Asad-abadi, political militant, was born here.

It has cold climate, 22 km North-west of Hamadan. Agriculture is the most economical activity. In past, Bahar was the seat of the rulers of Kurdistan and Lorestan. it is named Bahar after the name of the tribe "Baharlou" , settled in it. Bahar is major center for producing crafts. Dolat Castle and Laljin Village are among points of interest.

(center of the province)
It is located 336 km West of Tehran. Its foundation is attributed to King of the Medes, dating back to 700 BC. In Ekbatana, the ancient name for Hamadan, was majestic palace containing seven castles encircling each other. The palace was called "Hagmataneh". Achaemenid, Parthian and Sassanid kings had palaces in the city. In Seljuk period, it was capital for 50 years.

More than half way up from Nour-abad to Kermanshah road, Harsin owes its fame mostly to the rich treasure of "Lorestan Bronzes", uncovered in 1928. Third century AD Sassanian town built around high citadel mound, Harsin is near partially leveled mountain, with unfinished bas-relief. Near a spring, at the foot of the mountain is podium , built for fire alter.

It is located 50 km North of Hamadan in vast beauty plain. In past, large number of pigeons (kabutar in Persian) were attracted to the plain.

Laljin Village
Pottery is the major industry in the village.
Twenty-four km from Hamadan and off the road of Kermanshah is the region's major pottery center. Half of the population is engaged in pottery, millions of pieces every year.

Malayer, with mild cold climate, is situated between Alvand range and Lorestan mountains in the South of the province. Its former name was "Dolat-abad" and it dates back to Median period. Old bazaar, Noushijan Hill and Gourab Castle are among its interesting places.

This historical city is located in the South of the province. Its golden ages was during Achaemenid and Sassanid period. Yazdgerd III, the last of Sassanid dynasty, built a castle in Nahavand for residence in summer. Hill of Gian (4th century BC), Hajj Aqa Torab Bath, Baba Pir mausoleum and Qara Choqa fire-temple are of its interesting places.

It is located on the South of Alvand mountain, with cold climate. It dates back to 2700 years ago and among its interesting ancient places are: Baba-Kamal ancient Hills, Shahrestaneh, Manjan & Lavar, Dome of Heiqouq, Sheikh Ali Khan School, mausoleum of Zeid ebn Al and old bazaar.





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