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Guilan Province: Cities


It is located 184 km North-west of Rasht and is border town between Azerbaijan And Iran.

Astaneh Ashrafieh
30 km East of Rasht

The most important Northern seaport of Iran is located 40 km North-west of Rasht. It links Iran with Black Sea via Volga-Don Channel. Qazian Bridge, Shanbeh Bazaar (Saturday's Bazaar) and Palace of Mian Posht are among its interesting places.

25 km South-west of Rasht

City of tea, is located 56 km East of Rasht, in wide plain, 10 km from sea.

This beautiful village, with special architecture and low humidity, is located 35 km West of Fouman, in the mountains of Talesh. Its unique architecture of buildings on the slope of the mountain has lattice windows and exquisite decorations.

Rasht (Center of Guilan Province)
It is located in the center of of the plateau of Guilan, 323 km from Tehran, with mild humid climate. This pre-Islamic city is semi-industrial and has been important center for trade and agriculture. Qods Park, Safi Mosque, Town Hall and the mausoleum of Mirza Kuchek Khan are among its interesting places.

It is located 66 km South-west of Rasht, on Sefid-roud River and has the highest altitude among Guilan's towns. Roudbar abounds with olive trees, beside Sefid-roud river. Ancient Hill of Marlik, Shah Abbasi Caravanseari, Golshani Hill and Panj-Tappeh are among its interesting places.

Roudkhan Castle
It is 20 km away from Fouman and dates back to Seljuk period (1038-1194). Its entrance flanked by low towers and its buildings are built of brick and stone, contrary the whole province's architecture.


Soume Sara
25 km West of Rasht

This wood industry city is located 110 km West of Rasht. Its people speak in Talesh Language, which is rooted from Pahlavi language. Palace of Sardar Amjad, mausoleum of Seyed Sharaf Shah and the Castle of Salsal are among its interesting places.





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