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Guilan Province

Iran: Guilan Province

Guilan Province, with splendid natural beauty, pleasant climate, lofty mountains covered with lush vegetation and luxuriant forests, is located in the North of Iran, South of Caspian Sea and covers an area of 14,709 Sq. km. It is surrounded by Caspian Sea from North, Ardebil from West, Mazandaran from East and Zanjan from South.

High Alborz Mountains, sealing off the narrow Caspian strip, trap humidity and create mild humid region with luxuriant forests and swamps. Western mountains include Talesh and Massouleh and part of Alborz (Eastern mountains) are Guilan's chains of mountains, with numerous rivers, as Sefid-roud, Pol-roud and Shalman-roud. The largest swaps, along the coast of Caspian Sea, are Anzali and Amir Kolayeh.

The people, who inhabit Guilan province, are called "Gilak" and speak "Gilak" language. Talesh ethnic group live in Western Guilan and speak "Talesh" language, which is rooted from "Pahlavi" language. They had nomadic way of life in the past. Islam penetrate too late in this region, because of its geographical position.

Rasht Airport and asphalt roads linked this province. most of people engaged in agricultural activities, the most important are rice, while tea, tobacco, citrus fruits, grain, and peanuts.

Its industries are mostly centered in Rasht, the center of the province. the most significant are food, mining, food, tobacco and textile.

Fishing is of high importance, for domestic consumption or export: Caviar...

The most important crafts of Guilan are decorative and utilitarian wooden articles, straw mats, kilim, jajim, felt, earthenware, ceramic and peasant's shoes (Charoq).

Rasht is the center of the province. Astara, Astaneh, Anzali, Fouman, Langroud, Lahijan, Massouleh, Roudbar, Roudsar, Soume Sara and Talesh are important cities of Guilan.

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