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Major Cities

Visiting places-Major cities & Provinces
1-Gilan, Mazandaran and Gorgan have beautiful sceneries and entertainment points specially on the beaches of Caspian sea in the cities of Talesh, Anzali port, Rasht, Lahijan, Ramsar, Chalus, Babol, Noshahr, Amol, Sari, Behshar, Gorgan, etc. One may find historical points in some of those cities, such as Mirza Kuchek Khan grave and Khazar Spectacle museum.
2-Azerbayjan, Zanjan and Qazvin are historical lands and old origin of cultures and civilizations. Hydrotherapy and slimy therapy and beautiful beaches of Orumieh lake in Azerbaijan is mentioned. There are many historical places in Zanjan and Qazvin: In Zanjan, Soltaneih Dome and in Qazvin, Tower of Saljukide Grave.
3-Hamadan & Kermanshah, Kurdistan & Ilam. These places have historical points and summering promenades, such as Abu-Ali Sina (Avecinna) grave, Baba Taher tomb and Ali Sadr cave in Hamadan and the old bridge of Safavid in Kermanshah.

4- Tehran and Rey
: Although Tehran is not very old, has many spectacular places as collection of the palaces and museums: National Museum of Carpet, Reza Abbasid Museum, Glass Museum, Museum of Decorative Arts, Museum of Royal Jewelry, Museum of Iranian Archeology.
Famous Palaces: Niavaran palace, Sadabad palace collection
Entertainment centers: Karaj dam, Lar, Latyan, Dizin and Abe'Ali ski slopes
Pilgrimage places: Shah Abdolazim in Shahre Rey. Imamzadeh Saleh in Tajrish, Tehran
5-Central province and Loristan: The most spectacular places in these provinces are the caves of Arak,  Solukid Temple Mahallat, Mineral Fountain in Central Province, Kew lake, Falakolaflak Castle and Kahr Lake in Loristan.
6-Khorasan & Systan: The best tourist's places in these provinces are: Shrine of Imam Reza in Meshed, Ferdowsi Grave in Tous, Goharshad Mosque, Kalat Naderi, Kuh Sangi in Meshed and Khayam and Attar Grave in Neishabour.
7- Isfahan & Chahar-Mahal Bakhtiari: The most important historical places in those provinces are: Masjed Jame, Siosepol (33 bridges), Khaju Bridge, Alighapu Palace, Chehel-Sotun Palace (40 columns) and Minar-Jonban in Isfahan, ponds, rivers, fountains and caves of Chahar-Mahal province.

8- Fars, Kohkiluyeh & Bouyer Ahmad
: Takhte Jamsid ( Persepolis), Hafezieh (tomb of Hafiz), Sadi Grave, Eram garden, Afifabad garden, Shah Cheragh and Vakil Bazaar (vakil market) in Fars, Chahar Taghi Sassanid and Margon Falls in Kohkiloyeh.
9- Kerman: Bam Arc, Kerman Bazaar (market), Ganjalikhan Bath, Jabalieh Dome and Masjed Jame, are the points of interest in Kerman.
10- Yazd: Masjed Jame, Amir Chakhmaq Mosque and Rig Zendan Eskandar, Dolatabad garden, Yazdan Fire-Temple, Khan Garden and market, Markar clock tower, and Zoroastrian Temples near Meybod, Ardakan, Mehriz and Taft.
11- Khuzistan: Zigurat Chaghazenbil, Daniel Grave near Susa and remaining of Masjed-Solemon, remaining walls of Achamenid, Parthian and Sassanid are points of interest in Khuzistan.
12- Bandar Abbas, Bushehr and islands of Persian Gulf: Gure Dokhtar ( girl grave) in Bandar Abbas, old reservoirs in Qeshm island, Tourist centers in Kish, underground reservoirs in Harireh, business and tourist harbors: Bandar Abbas and Bandar Bushehr, are visiting points of this province.

Daily Markets and Weekly Markets
These markets are best places for trade and transaction; mostly trade the local and domestic, rustic and tribal products. Some of them provide the need of decompress through cash sale, credit contractual trades; these markets are erected in Guilan, Mazandaran, Khorasan, Hamadan, Kermanshah, Azerbaijan, Loristan, Fars and Semnan. In Tehran, every Friday a holiday market is on.


High- class hotels in Tehran are Esteghlal, Homa, Laleh, and Azadi hotels and Evin motel; in other cities Abbasid in Isfahan, Homa in Meshed, Homa in Shiraz and Ramsar in northern Iran are worth mentioning.





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