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Travel and transportation
Best way of traveling to Iran is airways. The major airlines specially IRAN AIR have their regular flights, every day between Tehran and major cities of the world and they all have their office of travel agencies in Tehran. In addition to airways, one may enter into Iran via land routes from Turkey, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Other traveling means are sea and marine route, which starts out of UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Through Persian Gulf and Arabian sea. Connection roads between major cities are mostly asphalted and paved. Traffic in the cities and highways is on the right side and in accordance with international regulations.

Residential place and Hospitality
In major cities and towns one may stay in hotels, inns and tourists residents. Iran has some 600 hotels in various classes and 1500 inns to shelter the tourists. There are hotels, inns, tourists complexes and camping for passengers dwelling. Also you may enjoy restaurants: Chelo-Kabab shops and sandwich shops presenting miscellaneous kind of Persian and foreign foods. On the roads outside the cities, restaurants carry on service to travelers.

Tourist enchantments & points of interest
Due to historical precedent and continuous social, cultural, Iran has many spectacular views to attract tourists. These points of interests consist of holy shrines graves of personalities and poets, historic domes, buildings arts gardens, reservoirs, air-traps, torts, gates museum, recreation places such as coasts and beaches of Caspian sea (Khazar), Persian Gulf and Arabian sea, and many centers of hydrotherapy and slimy therapy in special parts of Iran.

Getting around
Fuel expense of vehicle in Iran is a very low figure and much less expensive, comparing with other countries. In Iran traveling by bus is very low due to low price of gasoline bus driving companies provide various possibilities in various classes for comfort and price. Railways have pre-programmed regular schedules like other countries and trains are running between major cities of Tabriz, Meshed, Gorgan, Isfahan, Kerman, Yazd and Bandarabbass. Ticket price are in two classes, considering distance and type of trains are different. Airlines connecting major cities are as follows: Iran-air, Aseman, Iranairtour, Saha, Caspian, Mahan, Kian air , Bonair and Safat.





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