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Fars Province

Other Cities

Eqlid is a town with very cold winters and is located 275 km away from Shiraz. The most significant points of interest are: Water-fall of Tang-Boraq, Jame mosque, inscriptions and towers.
Jahrom is situated in a torrid region with 193 km distance South-east of Shiraz. Palm and citrus trees create beautiful landscapes. The castle of Qabri is the main tourist attraction.
Historical city of Darab is 280 km away from Shiraz. Ruins of the ancient city, known as the “Castle of Dehya”, is in the South-west. Its historical monuments are of more importance: Azarju Temple Fire (known also as “Sangi Mosque”), Naqsh Rostam and the mausoleums of Pir Kalbi and Vahid Calbi.
Sepidan, a beautiful city with pleasant mild climate in summer, is located 100 km North-west of Shiraz. Water-falls, springs and lush forests create fascinating landscapes, attracting many people. Heavy fall of snow in winter makes the mountains suitable for skiing.
Fasa is located 160 km South-east of shiraz. It is a historical city, near which there are ruins of the ancient city. There are some old castles in the mountains around the city.
Firouzabad is situated 100 km South of Shiraz. It is a historical city, beside which there is the ancient city of Gur. The city contains many historical monuments, including the castle of Dokhtar Castle, Palace of Firouzabad, Sassanid tower and the rock relief, going back to Sassanid Monarch.
Kazeroun is located beside the ruins of the ancient city of Bishapour, 150 km West of Shiraz. It enjoys mild winters, but its summers are usually warm.
Points of interest are: Naqsh Timur, Temple of Anahita (goddess of water), Shapour Cave, in front of which there is a stone statue, rock relief in Tang Chogan, and highly impressive Lake Parishan.
Lar is located in a torrid area, 360 km South-east of Shiraz. Complex of Qeisarieh, including bazaar and caravanserai, Fire Temple of Sassanid, and castle of Ejdaha Peikar are of its attractions.
This town is located in a torrid area and is the nearest province’s town to the Persian Gulf. Resources of natural gas are of high significance. Lamard has an airport.
Abadeh is located 280 km North-east of Shiraz. It city has cold winters and mild summers. Historical castles around the city are among points of interest Marquetry and making “Guiveh” (light cotton summer shoes) are major handicrafts.
This town is situated in a mountainous area, 190 km East of Shiraz. Fruit gardens abound there. The major agricultural product is fig, which is well-known in the province.
Mamasani (Nourabad)
It is situated 158 km away from Shiraz and its most important historical monuments are the fire temple of Mill Ejdaha, tower of Ashkani and some relief dating back to the Elamitic period.
Neiriz is located 220 km East of Shiraz and is a city of great antiquity. The points of interest are: Kabir Jame Mosque, and lakes of Bakhtegan and Tashk.



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