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Fars Province

In Southern Iran and to the North of Persian Golf, lies a province called Fars (or Pars), which in ancient times was the center of one of the world greatest empires.

Now, the center of Fars is called Shiraz. It was built about 695 AD. In 10th century Ad, in Safavid era, Shiraz became more prosperous. It was chosen as the capital of Deilamian dynasty, by "Ali Imadodoleh", founder of the dynasty. Seljuk conquered the city. It became the capital city of "Atabakan", Fars.
Shiraz survived from Mongol attacks. In 15th century AD, it was one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with its bazaars, gardens, waterworks,... and it's people.
In Timurid era, it was conquered and many people were killed. During Safafid period, Shiraz was prosperous and considered as the second important city inn Iran, after Isfahan.
In Zand era, Shiraz was officially announced the capital city of Iran. In Qajar era, beautiful palaces and gardens were built in the city. Kings of Pahlavi, also, have built several monuments and arranged ceremonies in Shiraz.

Shiraz is situated in a plain, surrounded by two mounthain-ranges. Shiraz is 895 km away from Tehran. It enjoys a mild climate and its magnificently impressive gardens have been famous from old time. Being the home town of tow of the greatest Persian poets, this city has been tourists’ focus of attention. Chardin, the French traveler, and Flandin are among others who have visited Shiraz. Shiraz has been the capital city of Iran in different periods. It includes numerous monuments:

Arg (citadel) of Karim Khan
It is located in the central area of the city. This citadel has been the seat  of government and the residence of Karim Khan Zand (1750-79), first of Zand dynasty and then, for a while it was used as a prison. This magnificent building, which is a triumph of architecture, has impressive plasterwork, wooden windows and tilework. It is encircled by four great towers.

Atiq Jame Mosque  
This stone and brick building is among the earliest mosques built in Iran. It has four Eiwans and a square building with beautiful tileworks in the middle of yard. It includes a sanctuary with many columns and a pulpit made of stone.

Vakil Bazaar 
In Zand dynasty, this bazaar is of significance from architectural point of view. In the Southern side of bazaar, there is a caravaserai called “Sarai Moshir”. Today it is a centre for selling handicrafts.

Quran Gate
To the North of Shiraz, there is a beautiful gate going back to Deilamid. There were two axquisite Quran kept in a room over the gate, that are displayed in pars museum now.

Pars museum
It is a building with an impressive pavillion, used for formal meetings, during reign of Karim Khan. It is located near the citadel of Karim Khan. This building has been used as a museum since 1937. Articles belonging to different periods are displayed in this museum.

The most important shrine in Shiraz is the mausoleum of Seyed Mir Ahmad (“Shah Cheraq” meaning the King of lights), brother of Imam Reza, eighth Imam of the Shiites, dating back to the 10th century. The other shrines are: Seyed Mir Mohammad, Aladdin Hosein, Shah Mir Ali Hamzeh and Seyed Tajaddin Gharib.

Shiraz has had a world fame for its gardens. Eram (Bagh Eram) is of the highest importance. Its Sassanid architecture and mirror-encrusted stalactite are unique. The impressive cypress trees, one of which dates back to 300 years ago, created a beauty scene. The other gardens are Narenjestan (that is both a garden and a museume), Bagh Afif (that is also a museum of weapons), and Bagh Delgosha.

The mausoleums of three of the greatest Iranian poets Hafiz, Sadi and Khaju, are of the greatest importance. Each mausoleum is architecturally unique.




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