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India: Heritage of Dances

Equally important as Bharata Natym is
Kathakali of Kerala. This is a form of dance-drama, a performance of which, when presented in traditional manner, lasts all night.

The stories of Kathakali are taken mostly from celebrated epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata. In Kathakali, the make-up is very elaborate and intricate, and each character type has a set mode, which is strictly observed.

green, red and yellow are dominant colors used to paint the face, and often there are also beards made of rice paste, or knobs prepared in the same way, stuck to the nose or forehead.

Dance is rugged and expansive, music shrill and piercing, emotional representation rambling and exaggerated. Costumes, head dresses and ornaments are gorgeous and, together with make-up, they impart to Kathakali a rather weird and fantastic aspects.

Some of the best performers of Kathakali today are:
Kalamandalam Krishnan Nair
Kunchu Nair
Ramankutty Nair
guru Gopinath
Chatunni Paniker

The leading centers for training in Kathakali are Kerala Kamandalam, P S V Natya Sangam, Unnayi Warrier Kalanilayam and Viswa Kala Kendra, all of which are in Kerala.




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