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The finest harbor on the West coast of India, Bombay is also the capital of Maharashtra State and is blend of East and West.

it is modern industrial metropolis with giant business houses, vast film industry, stock exchange and a busy port.

Off the wide avenues sprawl colorful bazaars.

Bombay has lively seafront. Palms line the city's main promenade and from Malabar Hill, night view of Marine Drive is like sparkling necklace worn by the sea.

10 km off Bombay, on small island called Elephanta, are the famous 7th century cave temples containing magnificent sculpture.

Bombay is the economic powerhouse of India. It's an exhilarating city, fuelled by entrepreneurial determination and dreams. Bombay is the Finance Capital of the national, the industrial hub of every thing from textiles to petrochemicals and it's responsible for half the country's foreign trade.

Buildings and Monuments:  Western Railway Building
Art Galleries:  Chakravarty, Chiru, Indian Art Source and  Indosan Export Gallery
Museums: San Tache Art Gallery and  Cymroza Art Gallery  




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