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South Cities

In South India, Hindu way of life has flowed almost undisturbed for over 2000 years, thus preserving continuous tradition of dance, music, art and architecture.

An impressive aspect of South India's ancient culture is its great temples. Comparable in many respects to religious and artistic fervor that created the great medieval cathedrals of Europe, these temples are the living symbols of great period of building activity that lasted from 600 to 1600 AD.

South has a great deal to offer. Nature is luxuriant and beautiful in the State of Kerala on West coast; in Tamil Nadu, Nilgiri Hills have rolling downs and meadows.

Mysore State has mighty Jog Falls, set in the midst of luxuriant tropical forests.

Madras city could be the starting point of an odyssey of discovery. About 60 km away in Mahabalipuram (Mamallapuram) known for its rock-cut 7th century monolithic shrines, its beautiful Shore Temple and lovely beach. An interesting excursion.




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