Bangladesh: Major Cities

Asia (2000)

Dhaka (Capital) is placed at Buriganga River side. It has the best weather in Bangladesh and naturally the most population. Most economic and society activities are centered here. Dhaka's premier attraction is Lalbagh Fort, an unfinished Fort dating from 1678, located in Old City. Old City contains a couple of attractive mosques, including Hussein Dolan. National Museum is in the north of the Old City, in the old European Zone known as Modern City.

The second largest city in Bangladesh, sits on the bank of the Karnapuli River and has an interesting old waterfront area known as Sadarghat which reflects the importance of river trade to city's growth. The Shah Jama-e-Masjid and Qadam  Mubarak Mosque are two of the most impressive buildings in this city.

Somapuri Vihara
An ancient city with 800 years history, is placed in the north of Bangladesh, with Buddhist people.  Its people are interested in crafts, such as weaving, pottery and textile.





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