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Stanley Park

Over 1000 acres of trees, gardens, recreational activities and entertainment makes Stanley Park a priority of any visitors list. There are many trails through an untouched wilderness, a sea wall which extends from English Bay to Coal Harbor, 5 and a half miles walk and many open areas to throw football or kick a soccer ball.

For those visitors interested in more organized recreation, there are putting greens and tennis courts. Other sports to be seen here include archery, cricket, rugger and lawn bowling.

Lost Lagoon, at the entrance to park, offers shelter to 40 species of migratory birds and waterfowl, including Canada Geese, Mallards, Wood Duck, Coots and majestic swans. The mile-long trail encircling lagoon is a pleasant walk a photographers paradise. Squirrels, as well as many of the birds, get hand-outs from visitors, who are more than glad to oblige and animals have become quite tame. Signs are posted warning animal lovers of the appropriate foods and bird seed is available at the connection stands.

It is said that Stanley Park Zoo started as a bear tied to a tree stump. From those humble origins it has come to include primates, many species of bear, two aviaries, an otter pool, seals, sea-lions, penguins and more.
There are three zoo areas: The main zoo, a children zoo, where children and various animals are free to mingle and a compound containing native North American Animals. Here one may see wolves, mountain sheep, rabbits, bison and often magnificent display of a peacock.

The main attraction is Vancouver Aquarium, which has daily shows of Killer Whales, Dolphins and Beluga Whales. As well as shows, Aquarium has some marvelous exhibits of marine life, both local and tropical.

For theatre lovers, there are performances during summer months at Theatre in the Park. No matter when one visits Stanley Park its worth the trip.





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