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University of British Columbia (UBC)



University of British Columbia overlooks the most majestic setting of any place of learning in Canada. It is located on a bluff, which commands a view of Strait of Georgia to the West, mountains to the North and the mouth of the mighty Fraser River to the south.

To the East are the UBC Endowment Lands, which from a natural barrier between university and the rest of Vancouver. Those who teach, study and maintain the area live in a somewhat secluded society, but one which is within easy reach of the amenities a large city has to offer.

Museum of Anthropology is an exciting stop on any tour of University. Housed in a modern building of glass and concrete, is one of the most important complete collections of artifacts of Northwest Coast Indian culture to be found anywhere. In addition, Museum has collections from Asia, Africa, Pacific and elsewhere in Americas. Displays vary from minute woven containers to magnificent totem poles, which tower above visitor in Great Hall with its 45 foot windows.

UBC is famous for its Botanical Garden, which includes Rose Garden, Alpine Garden, BC Native Garden and Nitobe Garden. Since its dedication in 1960, Nitobe Memorial Garden has attracted thousands of visitors with its two examples of Japanese garden art. There is a small teahouse, where on occasion elaborate tea ceremonies are held and a larger theme garden, which represents the journey of life and the varieties of nature.

No description of UBC would be complete without mentioning University Endowment Lands. Originally scheduled for housing development, some 1700 acres are left undeveloped from the initial 3000 acre tract. Controversy still exists on the use of this land, but there are growing numbers, who would like to see it preserved in a natural state. The area has not been logged since 1905 and is a fine example of second-growth coastal forest. Trails crisscross the entire area.

From its beginnings in 1908, when Point Gray site was approved, through its struggling infancy, when University was housed near Vancouver general Hospital and then the post World War II boom, UBC has come to be one of Canada’s most prestigious universities, with the second largest library in Canada, and almost 400 buildings.





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