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Major Cities

A very cold capital. Most political and economical activities found here. There is found many museum, galleries and different shopping.
1- Gallery 101
2- Studio Gallery.
1- Canadian Conservation Museum.
2- Ottawa Art Gallery.
3-Agriculture Museum.
4-National Arts Center.

One of the biggest city in Canada , situated at the Atlantic Ocean, 120 kilometers north of Niagara Falls ( USA Border) with humid and cold weather. Museums, Galleries and natural parks of Toronto are well known.
1- Animation Alley
2- Art zone
3- Gallery Louise Smith
4- Eskimo
5- Jane Corkin Gallery
Museums are found in fine principal parts:
1- Art 2- Mural 3-Ontario science center. 4- Royal Ontario museum 5- others.

The most beautiful and attractive city in west of Canada with galleries, museums, natural parks and lakes, all with good see-sights; and also one of the most expensive cities in Canada. Galleries are in two parts divided: General & artistic; Museums also in three parts, general, historical and artistic, are divided.

The most expensive city in Canada, situated in French part of Canada, as a second degree city. Museums are found in general, historical and artistic subjects. Most of galleries are artistic.




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