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A country in north America, Surrounded with north pole, Greenland from north, Alaska from west-north, United state of America from south and Atlantic and Pacific ocean from west and east.
A cold weather between -18 degree centigrade in winter and +20 degree centigrade in summer describes Canada. North regions (Rocky & Consent mountains) have also cold weather. Only in south and east regions found better weather.
Back ground information
Full country name: Canada
Area: 9,975,000 sq/km (3.9 million sq/miles)
Population: 27.3 million
Capital city: Ottawa (pop: 314,000)
People: 40% British descent, 25% French, 3% German, 4% aboriginal peoples, plus significant minorities of Italian, Ukrainian, Dutch, Greek, Polish and Chinese, Iranian, Pakistani, Indian and ..... .
Language: English, French and 53 native languages.
Religion: Predominantly Catholic and Protestant, with minorities from most of the world's major religions. Formal religion does not play and important role in Canadian life.
Government: Constitutional Monarchy.
Annual growth: 2%
Inflation: 2.5%
Major products / Industries: Agriculture, minerals, natural gas, oil, hydroelectricity, forest products and motor vehicles.
When to go there
Spring, summer and autumn are all ideal for touring thought. If you want to ski you'll naturally have to come in winter or early spring. For campers, and those who want to visit the far north, the summer months of July and August are best. Note that peak tourist season is between mid-June and mid September.
Visitors from nearly all western countries don't need visas. Travelers from Portugal, South Africa, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, some eastern European countries, and developing countries do require, visas. Travelers from another countries need visas.
How to getting there
All the countries tourists enter Canada by flight; Unless Americans, could enter Canada from Vancouver or Niagara  Falls also by car, bus, and train.
Getting around
The cheapest way is to take bus; so can visit more places; but, because of the huge wide of Canada, most tourist prefer to travel by plane.
Between cities train and airplane, and in cities metro, taxi and bus mostly used.
Time zone
GMT/UTC: East -3.5 hrs; Center -6 hrs; West -8 hrs
Money and Costs
Currency: Canadian Dollar
Notes: 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 CND$
Budged meal: US $ 5-10
Restaurant meal: US $ 15-25
Hostel dorm: US $ 12-15
Budget room: US $ 25-40
Motel room: US $ 30-50
For most visitors, the largest expense will be accommodation. Food prices are generally much lower than those in western Europe, but a little higher than USA prices. In Canada you can use credit cards. Credit cards are widely accepted, especially visa, master card and American express.
All the publications , radio and TV are in English and French ( both language).
Because of steady immigration to Canada you could see a various cultures there; and also you could find all the crafts of all the world's country, in shopping stores.
Telephone, Telegraph, Post, Email, Fax, Mobile, Internet.
Weights and measures
Metric System
English, French and 53 native languages
110/120 V, 60 HZ
Business Hours
Government: 9-17
Shopping: 9-13:30 & 15-23
Weekend: Saturday & Sunday
Culture & Art
Indians were the first nation in Canada. After immigration French and English people to Canada, we could see a completely different culture: a mixed with English & French culture. Now, Canada contains two parts: English & French  parts, with two different cultures. Canadians love art, specially Architecture, painting and music.
All the embassies are placed in Ottawa ( Capital of Canada )




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