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Farideh Tathiri Moghadam

Iranian Artists

Group Activities
- Sponsorship & holding the exhibition of the First Steps to get acquainted with Kamledin Behzad, Faculty of Applied Arts, Tabriz, 2002
- Participation in Iran & Afghanistan Cultural & Artistic Figures, Art Academy, 2001
- Participation in the exhibition of 7 women ceramicist, Sad-abad Gallery, 2001
- Participation as an artist and a judge in the 7th Biennale of Ceramicist in Meshed and Tabriz cities
- Participation in the exhibition of 7 women ceramicist, UNESCO Bldg., Tehran, 2000
- Participation in the exhibition of Tabriz Turquoise Pottery with the cooperation of art students of Tabriz, Sad-abad Gallery, 2000, 2001, 2002
- Participation in the exhibition of the honor of Master Moti, Sad-abad gallery, 1999
- Participation in the exhibition of the Dialog Between Civilizations, Kish Island, 1999
- Participation in the exhibition of Contemporary Ceramicists, Laleh Gallery, 1999
- Participation in the exhibition along with art students of the Center For Teaching Cultural Heritage Arts, Maqbareh Shoara, Tabriz, 1998 and Khaneh Farhang 1999
- Participation in the Iran-Shahr School Exhibition, Aras-baran Cultural Center, 1995
- Participation in specialized glass & ceramic exhibition, Iranian International Exhibition, Tehran, Abguineh Museum section, 1996, 1998
- Participation in the first and second Women exhibition, Iranian Cultural Organization, 1994, 1995
- Participation in Women's Exhibition, Bahman Cultural Center, Tehran, 1994
- Participation in the 5th & 6th Iranian Miniature Biennale, Contemporary Arts Museum, 1991, 1995, 1997

Individual Exhibitions
- Artist's artifacts on the occasion of the Int. Day of the Child's Right, sponsored by UNICEF, IRTV Hall
- Ceramic, Pottery and Miniature Painting, Constitutional Museum  of Tabriz, 1998
- Ceramic, Pottery and Miniature Painting, Marefat Cultural Center, 1997
- Ceramic, Pottery and Miniature Painting on the occasion of the Int. Day of Museum, Reza Abbasi Museum, Tehran, 1998
-  Exhibition to honor the week of the Women's Position in Society, Constitutional Museum  of Tabriz, 1998
- Ceramic, Pottery, Abguineh Museum, Tehran, 1996
- Ceramic, Pottery and Miniature Painting, Reza Abbasi Museum, Tehran, 1994

- Survey on "Ilkhanid Period Painting" and executing the restoration project of paintings of "Soltanieh Dome" on the ceramics of Tabriz, to be presented to "Pardisan Project", Zanjan, 2002
- Planning and executing research projects on "Herat School" and "Second Tabriz School", specially on the works of Kamaleddin Behzad, Center for Teaching of Cultural Heritage, Tabriz, 2001
- Contribution of an article and participation in the International Symposium of Conservation, Protection & Restoration of ceramic in Traditional Architecture of Central Asia (Timurid era), titled "Blue of Samarkand", by UNESCO
- Research on paintings of Qajar glaze tiles to conserve the glazed tiles of Farshi Mansion in Tabriz
- Research on painting on the floor ceramics manufactured by Tabriz Kaf Co. and comparative study of carpet & glazed tile paintings, concerning the specific elements used in each of the two materials
- Research on painting of chinaware, manufactured in Khorasan factories
- Research on specifications of earthenware productions of Natanz, Yazd, Meibod, Systan and Baluchistan
- Research on lime molding of public baths in Shiraz, Isfahan & Kordasht, and preparing the designs for the dome and entrance of Kordasht Bath.
- Research project on stylized miniature painting of Kaolin, 1996
- Research on special features of earthenware in East Azerbaijan Province 
- Research on painting on kaolin, decorative & daily vessels, Tabriz, Ghab-chi Brothers, 1984
- Research to declare pictorial stylized elements of miniature over clay tile in Cultural Heritage Workshop, Tehran, 1991-1994
- Research project to familiarize children age 5-13 with Iranian ancient civilization through painting, 1987-1990. This resulted into an exhibition called "Announcement Narrated through Children's Paintings" in Ferdowsi Millennium, with the collaboration of the National Library and University of Tehran, 1990.

- The Excellence & the First Prize of the 6th Biennale of Ceramic, Contemporary Arts Museum, Tehran
- The Excellence in the 3rd Biennale of Miniature Painting, Contemporary Arts Museum, Tehran, 1997
- The Excellence & the Selected Work of Ceramic in the 2nd Women Exhibition, Cultural Heritage Organization, Niavaran Palace, 1996
- The Excellence in the First Women Exhibition, Cultural Heritage Organization, 1994
- First Prize at the First Iranian Miniature Painting Biennale, Contemporary Arts Museum, Tehran, 1992



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