Online Store Application

Artworks Online Shopping:

1- Send a good quality picture by email along with detailed specifications and your proposal for the price to be approved to:
CarounArtGallery at Caroun dot com
Rename each file and insert the following info in English:
Name of the arist-Title of the work-Size-Media

2- Each item could be suggested just ONCE! Please be careful with your proposal price! Suggest the lowest suitable and fix price! There will be no negotiation! Canadian Dollar is our base for shopping.
Each time, max 10 works could be sent for confirmation in a month.

3- Sale price on the website will be determined by Caroun. It is not based on the percentage, and you will receive your proposal approved price.
Changes of the price of the website will have no change on your proposal.

4- Artworks or other products will remain at the gallery for 3 years. There is no change on the proposal price in this three years. You can request for returning or renewing the contract after 3 years.

5- Approved items should be at the gallery at the determined date. The contract will be cancelled for any delay.

6- Items MUST be removed from the gallery after 3 years. If they are sent from out of Vancouver, handling and shipping costs should be paid in advance for returning by mail. For each day delay, $75 will be charged for the storage.

7- After approving each item, numbers, price and after signing the contract, works or products should be mailed to the gallery. mailing address:

Masoud Soheili
PO Box 63630 Capilano PO
North Vancouver, BC
Canada, V7P 3P1

8- Costs of sending and returning by mail (handling, post...), insurance, customs, delivery, transferring money... should be paid by you!

9- Due to the time for selecting and posting on internet, priority is to:
... 9-1) Works exhibited at CAG, and are available at CAG storage,
... 9-2) Works will be exhibited at CAG,
... 9-3) Works of the artists, who are the members of Caroun, and have paid their annual membership each year on time

10- Artists could register for Caroun membership at the time of their proposal, if they want to be introduced at They will have a virtual gallery on, including resume, biography, portrait and 12 pictures of their works. You could register here:

11- All the artist MUST do this procedure, including CAG artists.

At present, we accept JUST the works of the artists of the gallery, who are a Life Time Member!

12- Contract

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