Exhibitions 2021

Celebration of CAG's 12-Year Art Shows, 2021
December 16-30, 2021, 12-8 pm (Tue-Sat)

Works by members of the gallery
Caroun Photo Club: 15th Annual Photography Exhibition 2021
December 1-14, 2021, 4-8 pm (Tue-Sat)

The prizes of photo contest will be given at the opening reception on 06:00 pm

For more details, please check Caroun Photo Club (CPC)!
Painting Exhibition

Mariam Aljumah

June 1-15 2021
4-8 pm (Tue-Sat)
Painting Exhibition

Haleh Talaei

May 1-15 2021
4-8 pm (Tue-Sat)
Winter Group Exhibition
February 1-14, 2021, 4-8 pm (Tue-Sat)

Works by:
Ahmad Aghazadeh, Elham Hamedi, Haleh Talaei, Kamelia Eghbali, Mariam Aljumah, Parivash Hesabi, Sima Hoseini...
Nowrouz Group Exhibition
March 16-30, 2021, 4-8 pm (Tue-Sat)

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