Seyed Hossein Mirkhani


Seyed Hossein Mirkhani, Expert in Nastaliq script
Born in 1907, Tehran, Iran
Father: Morteza, born in Lilian (Baraqan), who was also lived in India and had many handwritten books.
Mother: Born in Shiraz

Seyed Hossein Mirkhani learned calligraphy from his father and started producing handwritten books, when he was eleven, with Sadi's books, whom he loved.

Later, he, a religious man, became expert in Nastaliq. He was one of the founders and also the teacher of "Association of Iranian Calligraphers".

Married with "Zinatolmolouk Mokhber Farahmand"
and had 4 daughters and a son
1959 Wrote Quran (Muslim's Holly Book) with Nastaliq script.
He received the "First Grade Art" medal from Iran War Ministry and a letter of commendations from Alazhar University of Egypt for his Quran.
1960 Again, wrote Quran, but with large script 
Then, he forgot his knowledge on Iranian Traditional Music, which has learned from "Baqer Rameshgar", "Hossein Ismail-zadeh" and "Reza Mahjoubi".
1966 Travel to Mecca, Saudi Arabia
1967 Travel to Karbala, Iraq
1968 Travel to Tabriz
1969 Travel to Meshed
1979 Became blind, because of diabetes
1980 Travel to Meshed
1982 Deceased
1989 In his memorial, an Iranian stamp was printed



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