Virtual Exhibition

Virtual Exhibition at Caroun Art Gallery (CAG)
Caroun Art Gallery (CAG) invites artists, Canadian and Worldwide, to exhibit their artworks at CAG Virtual exhibition. Each exhibition will be online for two weeks. CAG have 10 virtual exhibition each month. Each exhibition can have max 10 artworks.
More than Tens of Thousands Visitors for each Virtual Exhibition!

- Artist MUST be a member of Caroun Art Gallery (CAG); please check the Membership page, for more info. Each artist will have a page, including a text and 12 pictures of his/her works at the related section of Register for Membership
Click HERE to visit a page of a CAG member.
- Works need to be approved by CAG; send your request by email to: ve at caroun dot com
- When the Contract Form is filled out and mailed, the fees are paid, and all the works (edited for exhibition) are mailed to the gallery, the time of the exhibition will be announced.

Photos of Works
Images of the artworks should be taken and edited by the artist; colors and contrast of photos should be adjusted, ready to install for the exhibition.
Images need to be resized to width 1400 pixels (for horizontal pictures) and height 1040 pixels(for vertical pictures), JPG, High Resolution, optimized for web.
Rename the image as you wanted to be installed in the exhibition as following:
Number, name of the artist, title of the work, media, size (width, height, dept in inch), price like:

Please read the Contract completely, and then email your request.
With your request, you need to send your bio, resume, list of your previous exhibitions, 12 photos of your works and your portrait to make your page on website, along with 10 works you want to exhibit (including complete info of each work: Title, Size, Media, Date of creation...) and anything necessary.
CAG's contract is available on website, for whom interested to exhibit.
Click HERE to download the PDF file and take a print of the contract. Artists interested for exhibition at CAG, need to fill out and sign the contract and mail it to the gallery. Fees are mentioned in Contract.
Fees could be paid cash, draft, money order or by PayPal to the name of the director of the gallery.

You can visit a sample of CAG Virtual Exhibition at the top of this page.
Click here to visit virtual exhbitions.
You can apply for a virtual exhibition now!

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