Woven: Iran

Bread and Salt
Tribes that weave Sofreh and Namakdan
Weaver Tribes

Most of dining clothes and salt containers are woven by tribal women. Those tribes resides in various regions of Iran, each one having special historical precedence and geographical position.

Some of them have turned into villages dwellers in recent centuries and live husbandry and livestock keeping, but also continue weaving and their woven have reserved their tribal particulars, like tribes who have resided in villages of Varamin and Garmsar (near Tehran) and have their dining cloth and salt container.

These tribes weave Sofreh and Namakdan:

Union of Khamseh
Tribes of Kerman
Afshar of Kerman
Afshar of Khorasan
Varamin Tribes

Bread and Salt
 Namakdan; Sofreh
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