Bedasht Caravansaries

Caravansaries in Khorasan Road, Iran

Bedasht Caravansary

This ruined caravansary is located at Bedasht village, 8 Km east of Shahroud City. The structure, oblong in shape, is built on 4-verandas plan, 54x60 Sq. m.

Its portal entrance is on the west side and measures 3.20 m long. The central courtyard, with 24 chambers situated around it, is rectangular, 30x34 m. In each of the corner of the Caravansary, it is located a stable.

The building materials consist of stone, brick and plaster. There was a marble inscription, giving the date of erection of the caravansary, 1645.


Caravansaries in Iran

Caravansaries in Khorasan Road

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